Best Bits! Heartwarming Moments From The Fashion Los Angeles Awards

The FLAs was presented by LAGOS, Moroccanoil, DAOU Vineyards, FIJI Water, and Grupo Shogua

by Freya Drohan

ICYMI: our seventh annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards (FLAs) took place on Sunday at The Beverly Hills Hotel, honoring the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, and beauty. As our favorite part of the evening is always the genuine speeches that give us all the feels, we wanted to give you a front row seat to the action. Read on for some sweet moments! 

Host Law Roach

“I know what y’all thinking…didn’t this bitch retire from the business like a month ago? I did, and if you look under your seats you’ll find my Cash app, OnlyFans, and GoFundMe. Bitch didn’t make a real good decision!”

Law Roach

Sara Foster, presenting Powerhouse Brand of the Year to Gwyneth Paltrow

“The point is, Gwyneth is our North Star. She is someone who paves the way in every lane and wants no credit for it. None. Try complimenting her and trust me, it won’t go over well. She doesn’t want to talk about herself. She wants to talk about you and how she can be of service or help amplify whatever it is you are doing. But all that must happen before 6pm because she goes to bed at like 7:45 which is probably why she looks so good. She has managed to build a billion dollar business while also being a good friend, the most hands on mother, a loving wife, and most importantly, a woman of integrity who under no circumstances compromises that.”

Miley Cyrus, presenting Music Stylist of the Year to Bradley Kenneth 

“I am here to present Bradley Kenneth with the Music Stylist Of The Year Award. [Walks to show off outfit.] Obviously. We’ve been best friends for over a decade & I am ecstatic to celebrate his talent and creativity with you. Bradley’s taste and originality shines through all of space and it’s my honor to wear his genius. When I look in the mirror and Bradley’s vision is looking back at me I can’t help but say to myself, ‘Bitch you look sickening!’ Thank you Bradley for your dedication to design, you’re not just everything, but you’re my everything.”

Bradley: “Thank you Miley, for having the three key factors to my success … beauty, that body and a big Budget!”

Bradley Kenneth and Miley Cyrus

Bradley Kenneth and Miley Cyrus (Getty Images)

Matt Bomer, presenting Mens Stylist of the Year to Warren Alfie Baker

“I am so thrilled to be here tonight to celebrate…Mr. Warren Alfie Baker, whom I have the very good fortune of working with. A man whose calming presence and characteristic greeting of ‘Allo love’ can bring peace to the set of any photo shoot lucky enough to have him on board. We all have days when it’s hard to step onto a red carpet, or in front of the cameras- but Warren’s work is so brilliant that you can’t help but enjoy yourself a little bit more than you would in anyone else’s hands. It’s because he really sees the (best and) most authentic aspects in all of his clients, and he knows how to present the best version of them to the world. Also, as someone who likes to eat dessert, I’m pretty convinced that Warren tells me I’m wearing a sample size even when I’m not. And frankly, I appreciate that and am happy to keep up that charade. I’m not gonna lie. Most importantly, Warren is a world class human being. He’s kind, compassionate, wickedly funny, and his relationship with his wonderfully supportive husband, James – who he couldn’t do all of this without – is an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to know them.”

Matt Bomer

Keanu Reeves, presenting Fashion Visionary to Jeanne Yang

“Fashion is an ever evolving present, moment, while looking to the past and the future, It is an art form: crafted, designed, and lived. A visionary is someone who understands this. I first worked with Jeanne when she styled me for a photo shoot with the modern cutting edge fashion and culture magazine Detour in 1992. Jeanne and I would reconnect on the Matrix premiere in 1999, where she styled me, and we would go on to work together for over 20 years to this day. Jeanne’s exceptional attention to detail, her creative insight, her passion for bringing together fashion and the character of her client in a magnificent way, can be seen on the red carpet, in editorials, and press tours over two decades all over the world. She has influenced fashion, and those in it and those outside of it, and it is my honor to introduce and celebrate her.”

Kate & Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, accepting Designers of the Year

“As children, when asked what we wanted to do when we grew up, we answered: to become fashion designers. It was so organic that to this day, we aren’t even sure if we really knew what being a fashion designer was, and yet, we knew. Instinct was and is, from the get go, our guiding force, as designers. We have approached everything in a personal way and from the heart. We didn’t go to fashion school…instead, went to UC Berkely to study art, film, and literature. After graduating, we took a year to watch horror films because we were interested in the aesthetics and thought it would be important later on for our work. This was not readily understood by the people around us except for the video store clerks that helped us with our choices. Our first collection was inspired by Fungal Shelves and we can still see Andre Leon Tally’s look of surprise and delight telling him this in the Vogue offices way back in 2006. Because of this, we have stayed an independent company, allowing us to build Rodarte and to pursue storytelling and creative expression across many different platforms. We are proud that we were able to find a way to navigate the business and approach it from an outside perspective. And we are inspired by those starting out doing the same- continuing to push the status quo.”

Kate Mulleavy, Brie Larson, Laura Mulleavy

Sara Moonves, presenting Breakthrough Style Star to Meghann Fahy

“It is rare when you see someone on a television show and you instantly know that they’re going to be a star. They usually have a combination of talent, beauty, and style—but they also need that extra special something that is so hard to pin down. Meghann Fahy has all of the above, in spades.I first met Meghan at a W and Louis Vuitton dinner in January. Nicolas Ghesquiere, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton and I gushed over her charm and style and after sitting next to her at dinner, I was obsessed and we became instant friends. She’s smart, fun, interested, kind, down to earth and totally unaware of her stardom. Along with her stylist, Thomas Carter Phillips, Meghan has made incredible style choices that has the fashion world taking notice. We are so excited to see what performance we will be captivated by next and just as excited to see what she will be wearing on the red carpet. Great choice Fashion Types, it is my pleasure to present my friend Meghann Fahy with the first ever Breakthrough Style Star award.”

Meghann Fahy: “When I was in middle school, I wore boy’s cargo shorts and I had a very extensive collection of skate shoes…despite never having been near a skate board! So this is very special!”


Sara Moonves and Meghann Fahy

North West, presenting Hair Artist of the Year to Chris Appleton

“There’s no other words. Chris Appleton is the best!”

Chris Appleton: “What a compliment from North. That’s the nicest thing she’s ever said to me! She said to me the other day, ‘You know, I saw a picture from a few years back where you did my edges—and it wasn’t it!'”

Elle Fanning, presenting Magazine of the Year to W editor in chief Sara Moonves

“A few years ago I was asked to appear in the annual W Magazine Best Performances Portfolio. Sara Moonves was styling and Juergen Teller was photographing. Little did I know that I would be the one to pose in a tanning bed in a mini-mall on the Sunset Strip! But that is precisely why I love W: the magazine is always beautiful and strange, striking and utterly unique. When I work with W, whether I’m being shot by Tim Walker, Mario Sorrenti, or Juergen, I know that the photo will be special. W is always aiming for the moment that will stand the test of time. And the person behind that creative ambition is the great Sara Moonves. I first met Sara when I was 15 years old, when she styled my Teen Vogue cover. We were on a beach in Malibu and I remember thinking she was the chicest coolest woman I had ever met. With a clear and innovative vision, Sara has expanded W’s footprint through a forward-thinking approach centered around elevating the next generation of talent in art, entertainment, fashion, media, and pop culture.”

Sara Moonves and Elle Fanning

Sara Moonves of W, accepting Magazine of the Year 

“When I was growing up, my walls were plastered from floor to ceiling with magazine clippings. There were of course Vogue covers and Tom Ford Gucci ads, but then there was W. Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant, photographed by Michael Thompson, Winona Ryder wearing a Free Winona T-shirt, and supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss transformed into timeless icons by the incredible editors and fashion directors that came before me. I have loved magazines my whole life. I devoured them and read them cover to cover like a novel. I made my own magazine instead of writing an essay to get into college. I have worked in magazines since I was an intern at the LA office of Vogue when I was 14 years old. When I got the phone call asking if I wanted to be editor of W, it felt completely surreal and to be honest, almost 4 years later, it still does. Being the editor of W is literally a dream come true. What is great about W is the range of what is possible. We get to work with the best photographers in the world, the best talent in the world and people will do things with W that they won’t do with anyone else and that’s the greatest thing about it. I get to be the conductor of that orchestra that I dreamt about as a kid.”

Sara Moonves

Jen Atkin presenting Style Curator to Dani Michelle 

“I am so happy to be here tonight to honor my dear friend and sister in glam, Dani Michelle.  Her fresh and edgy point of view, combined with her classic timelessness and sophistication, is a true reflection of her dynamic approach to styling. Her impressive clientele includes Kendall + Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Elsa Hosk, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Maren Morris, Kristin Cavallari, and more. Kendall and Hailey wanted to share some thoughts about working with Dani Kendall wrote, ‘She is the most hardworking, dedicated, joyful person, with such a positive attitude and constant smile on her face! We are all so grateful to work along side her! Dani always goes above and beyond to make sure things go right.’ Hailey said, ‘Every client that Dani works with has their own individual style and expression that speaks to who they are, and to me that is a testament of Dani’s talent and ability to keep each person feeling individually unique.’ But what truly sets Dani apart is her heart. Her genuine love and care for her clients. Seeing them empowered, empowers Dani, and it is this authenticity that has made her a fashion powerhouse.”

Dani Michelle, accepting Style Curator

“To stand here tonight in this room is so unbelievably surreal for me because I never take the time to stop and realize what I have accomplished. How I have clients I could have only dreamed to work with…agents that honestly and represent me, protect me, and assistants that are so kind hearted and so hard working that makes me not just Dani Michelle, but a team that can take on anything. And we do a lot! One of my biggest accomplishments though is following my heart, letting the serendipitous find its way into my life, with the right people. My husband, Ian, you have kept me, me. You have made so much space in your heart for my late nights, exhausted self, busy mind, my ever-changing schedule, obscene amount of boxes and clothing, and have almost emotionally and sometimes even physically carried me through it all.”

Teyana Taylor, presenting Emerging Brand of the Year to Eli Mizrahi of MONOT

“He reminds me, I’m kinda f*cking hot!” [Shows dress to screams of applause!]

Teyana Taylor

Tasha Reiko Brown, accepting Makeup Artist of the Year 

“Adam [Brown’s son], you are the greatest piece of art I will ever create. Watching you grow into yourself is such a blessing and I love that I get to share this life with you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for allowing me to dream.”

Tasha Reiko Brown

Images: Caroline Fiss Photography

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